This blog is explaining a proven process, which can be applied to performance test, tune and manage n-tier enterprise applications. We understand n-tier enterprise applications as any business related application a company uses to either do or support their business. Examples range from ERP systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft and Siebel to On-line Banking applications and E-Shops.

The underlying technologies are usually built using a number of technologies such as web servers, application servers, databases, messaging systems, legacy systems (i.e. mainframe applications, specialised transactional systems, etc).

The majority of this book is of main interest for any IT Project Manager, Test Manager and Operation Manager. It clearly shows the planning, effort and collaboration required to make performance testing and tuning useful and successful and how to feed the results into and on-going, continuous performance management process. Software and System Architects are on the recommended readers list as well as anybody who is involved in the testing.

There are plenty of books around describing tuning for each of these components individually and to some of them we will refer to. This blog is different to them as it describes an end to end performance management process for an application or service and a step by step performance testing and tuning approach.

Tools that aid with performance testing have been around for 10+ years, but during the past 7 years of working in different roles around performance testing, tuning and managing enterprise applications I discovered that it isn’t a lack of tools or the tuning knowledge around the individual components of the system but rather the way the tuning is approached and the way it is performed.

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