Define the Workload

After the goals (KPI’s) have been defined, we need to find a way on how to reach them. The most important point about Performance Optimization or Tuning is to have a valid view on how much of the resources are needed to perform a certain piece of work.
Benchmarks defined by organizations like SPEC and TPC work on predefined types of workloads. Also, the type of system measurements taken is very specific and comprises a certain subset of all available system measurements. Those benchmarks are most useful for comparing different products and architectures.

For our type of Performance Optimization we create workloads that are relevant to the business of the customer. For this, a number of Business Processes will be selected, that are representative of the system usage (see Defining the Business Processes). With this workload we will first measure end user response times and system resource usage. It is important to combine these two types of measurements in order to be able to distinguish between several types of bottlenecks.

Workload breakdown is important for problem analysis, and for future capacity planning under changed or new workloads.

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